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Past Conferences

1st Annual Education Conference:
Genetic Counselors – Advancing the Role of Genomic Medicine in Health Care
May 18th, 2018 | Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) |
Claremont, CA

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2nd Annual Education Conference:
Genetics in the Digital Age: Expansions in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Social Response
June 7th, 2019 | UCLA Geffen Hall |
Los Angeles, CA

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Conference Committee

Chair: Stacey Wong

Steering committee: Michelle Fox, Bill Herbert

CEU Coordinators: Ping Gong, Kate Partynski

Communications Coordinator: Ping Gong

Facilities Liaisons: Naghmeh Dorrani, Michelle Fox

Marketing Coordinators: Carol Ko, Marina Dutra-Clarke

Program Committee: Margaret Au (Chair)

     Naghmeh Dorrani, Kate Partynski

Registration Committee: Jessica Kianmahd (Chair) 

     Marina Dutra-Clarke, Rebecca Signer

Research Roundup/Student Posters: Susy Malca

Sponsors Coordinators: Alexandria Meyer, Rebecca Signer

3rd Annual Education Conference:
Genetic Counseling 2020: Community, Innovation, and Advocacy
Aug 28, 2020 | Presented Virtually
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Conference Committee

AEC Co-Chairs: Stacey Wong and Amy Poole

Program: Kate Partynski (Chair), Jamie Beavers, Emily Kelley, 

    Rebecca LeShay, Chandler Means, Ping Gong, Danielle


Marketing: Carol Ko (Chair), Marina Dutra-Clarke, Katie Delong,

    Lauren Siems

Registration: Franceska Hinkamp & Marina Dutra-Clarke (Co Chairs),

    Ariela Emery, Jessica Kianmahd

Sponsors: Bita Nehoray & Charite Ricker (Co Chairs), Michelle

    Fox, Bill Herbert

Virtual Facilities: Susy Malca, Emily Kelley

4th Annual Education Conference:
Examining Our Present to
Illuminate Our Future

Aug 20th, 2021 | Presented Virtually
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Conference Committees

5th Annual Education Conference:
May 13th, 2022 | Paradise Point | San Diego, CA | Concurrently presented virtually
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Conference Committee

AEC Co-Chairs: Taylor Berninger and Annie Baxter

Program: Hilary Kershberg and Emily Parkhurst (Co-Chairs),

                 Hannah Andrews, Angela Filose, Sandra Dreike

CEU Coordinator: Jessica Norris

Marketing: Alaina Heinen and Annina Cooper (Co-Chairs),

                    Carol Ko, Lauren Siems, Danielle Williams

Registration: Amy Poole and Meera Clytone (Co-Chairs),

                        Cheryl Cina, Melissa Wong

Sponsors: Marie Chuldzhyan and Gillian Halter (Co-Chairs),

                  Michelle Fox, Bill Herbert

Virtual: Sandra Dreike (Chair)

              Stacey Wong, Tali Ekstein

Facilities: Sam Kreilis (Chair)

Day-of-Coordinator: Kyra Firestone

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