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Forum Guidelines

SCGC Membership
Guidelines for SCGC Forum Posts and Comments

The SCGC Forum allows registered members to post and make comments viewable only to other SCGC members. We ask that all posts and comments be directly related to the information and/or topics of discussion on the corresponding Forum post. To begin a new discussion on a different topic, please create a new post in an appropriate Forum category.

Comments and posts will be reviewed by the Membership Committee on a consistent basis and any inappropriate content will be addressed as soon as possible. We ask our community to report any personal attacks, negative or inappropriate speech, and/or anything offensive found in the Forum to SCGC at .

The SCGC Board of Directors retains the discretion to determine which posts and comments violate our Forum guidelines. We also reserve the right to remove posts and comments. Please note that the views or opinions expressed within members’ posts and comments do not necessarily reflect those of SCGC.

For our Job Postings Forum Category, we ask that postings be deleted as soon as the position has been filled and/or is no longer available. Job Postings older than 1 year will be removed by SCGC.

These Forum guidelines apply to all discussions on the SCGC Forum. Thank you for taking the time to review our guidelines. SCGC encourages the participation of our members in these discussions, and we look forward to an active sharing of ideas, research opportunities, and job openings.

Posts and comments containing the following will not be allowed:

  • Hate speech

  • Profanity, obscenity or vulgarity

  • Defamation to a person, people, or organization

  • Name calling and/or personal attacks

  • Comments primarily meant to sell a product

  • Inappropriate or unrelated links

  • Other content that SCGC deems inappropriate

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